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Mentoring Heroes: 52 Fabulous Women’s Paths to Success and the Mentors Who Empowered Them

How do you reach higher personal and professional levels of success? Fifty-two fabulous women said that in business and in life you go further and faster with a little help from an experienced friend.

Mentoring Heroes by Mary K. Doyle is about fifty-two real women with real voices and experiences and the people who empowered them. They share honest stories on how they were mentored, who the men and women were that mentored them, and how they pass on the gift of mentoring.

“The Fabulous Fifty-Two” come from diverse geographical areas, age groups, and industries. They live across the country and range in age from twenties to eighties. They include a stockbroker, church volunteer, dentist, eye surgeon, attorney, Egyptologist, psychologist, magician’s assistant and more.

Through the stories of these women, Ms. Doyle shows the many ways one can be mentored. We live busy lives and may not have the time to get involved in a specific mentoring program. But we can tap into a mentor’s expertise through other methods. Today’s technology allows for communications by text messaging, emailing, and voice messages as well as over the phone, traditional mail, and of course, personal contact.

Mentoring also can occur in countless areas. It can effectively promote a protégé in the arts, sciences, finances, spirituality, business, or any other important aspect of your life.

The women’s experiences in Mentoring Heroes are as varied as the winding paths of each of their lives. Learn how they grew professionally and personally with and without mentors. You will be fascinated, inspired, and maybe even surprised at their stories.

Recipient of Certificate of Excellence, National Publishers Freedom Award (2000)

Recent Reviews

  • By Amazon Customer

    "Mentoring Heroes" is recommended by The ROAR Show - Respect Others and Act Responsibly

    Mentors are heroes who mentor future heroes. Read "Mentoring Heroes" by Mary K. Doyle to learn how 52 women attained high levels of success with the help of mentors and how they, in turn, mentor others. The ROAR Show - Respect Others and Act Responsibly ( encourages elementary school children that by acting responsibly and making positive choices they can achieve great levels of success, too. I highly recommend this book if you want to give value to your wisdom, experiences, talent, and knowledge by sharing your unique gifts with someone else.

  • By Amazon Customer

    An inspirational book - mentors behind success of 52 women!

    To be a mentor we learn in Mary Doyle's great new book, is to be a teacher, guide, example, encourager, facilitator and enabler. Mentoring Heroes offers the stories of 52 successful women and the mentors who empowered them. Thus, this book is a revelation of leaders inspiring others to become leaders to make their lives and their world better.

    Here are the stories of but a few very successful women and how they rose to the top with the assistance and selflessness of their mentors. Ms. Doyle is very quick to point out that often the mentor was male, and often the mentoring was facilitated to no small degree by Divine Guidance.

    Several of the success stories involve women this reviewer (and perhaps you, too) are aware of---for instance, actress, singer and motivational speaker Ann Jillian; Senior Marketing Vice resident of Sales Operations for BP Amoco Petroleum Products Anna Cheng Catalano; archeologist with New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Diana Craig Patch, Ph.D. and Barbara Junceau, professional astrologer for personal and spiritual counseling.

    On the other hand, most of these fabulous women are quietly leading their successful lives, each in their own venues and each very real. How did they do it? How did they make the time? How did they put their mentor's advice to work? And how have they become mentors in their own right? This reviewer exhorts you to read the book!

    To be a mentor is to give of oneself to assist in the development of others. The reader will quickly ascertain that a prime example of such nobility is author Mary K. Doyle, herself. By writing and publishing Mentoring Heroes, Mary has opened a door for all of us. It is no wonder that this book won the Certificate of Excellence, National Publisher's Freedom Award, 2000. Mentoring Heroes is an inspiration!

  • By Amazon Customer

    True-life, illustrative, informative, inspiring, motivating.

    In Mentoring Heroes, Mary Doyle shows how fifty-two women attained high levels of professional and personal success both with the counseling, guidance, advice, and support of mentors, someone who helped them in a one-to-one relation acquire the knowledge, expertise, and experience to succeed. Mentoring Heroes also shows how these women passed on to others the gift of mentoring they themselves had received. Covering a wide diversity of occupations and careers, these true-life, illustrative stories are as engaging as they are informative, as inspiring as they are motivational. Mentoring Heroes is enthusiastically recommended reading and a welcome addition to women's studies reading lists and reference collections.