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Grieving with Mary: Finding Comfort and Healing in Devotion to the Mother of God

Along with joy and achievements, the human condition is one of conflict and tribulations. Grief is unavoidable. Everyone encounters heartache at one point or another. We battle our addictions and abuses, disputes with family and friends, illness and loss of loved ones, and stress over finances.

During such times, much comfort can be found in our faith. We have hope in the Lord’s goodness and mercy. We also gain peace in the support from saints and angels with whom God has surrounded us, especially Mary, who is the greatest of all saints.

Scripture instructs us to petition prayers from one another (See Thessalonians 2 3:1-2). We solicit prayers from Mary the same way we ask for prayers from our friends, family, and people we know to be holy.

Mary K. Doyle shows in Grieving with Mary that a journey to Our Lady is a circle of joy and love that flows in both the direction to her and from her. We can depend on her to help us in our need. She knows our pain, because our Blessed Mother, like us, was human and experienced struggles as great as anyone. And as a good and loving mother, she is closest to us when we art hurting.

Devotion can be shown to Mary in many different ways. You may choose the way that is most effective for you, whether it is through words, art, sacramentals, motion, or sacred spaces. And you do not have to pray the same way all of the time. One devotional may be easier at one time than another. The prayer needs only to come from the heart.

However you choose to honor Mary, by doing so one thing is very likely. You should become aware that she is with you, watching over you, protecting you, and ready to help. When sad or hurt, her tenderness will warm your heart. You will feel God’s gift to you of Mary’s sweet love. More significantly, your love for Jesus also will grow and in ways you will not imagine.

This revised edition of Grieving with Mary by Mary K. Doyle, which includes the Novena to Mary Undoer of Knots, one of Pope Francis’ favorite devotions, is an invaluable resource in our times of loss and sadness and a soothing tonic for the soul.

Recent Reviews

  • By Amazon Customer

    Not currently grieving...but that does not matter

    I wanted to find out more about Mary. Why we pray to her? What her life was like? How can praying to her comfort us or help us? etc. There are lots of kindle books on here about Mary but none quite like this one. It gave me an understanding of the Holy Mother that I have never known before. Even though I am not currently grieving I still found this book comforting and steadying like a rock in my own questions of faith.

  • By Amazon Customer

    "Grieving with Mary" is a comfort to read, own and practice!

    I recommend "Grieving with Mary" as a gift for a friend in pain as well as one to keep on your own bookshelf to be read all together or used as a reference. I was given Doyle's book "Grieving with Mary" as a gift when my mother passed away. I discovered that in the midst of grief we are in great need of prayers, especially from holy people. But praying after the loss of a loved one or job or during times of illness was and is difficult. One solution the book offers is to align ourselves with the Virgin Mary and ask her to send our intentions to the Lord. This not only promotes our cause and provides us with a sense of comfort; it is biblically prescribed as Doyle reminds us (Thessalonians 2, 3:1-2). And there are so many ways we can call on Mary while grieving. Doyle suggests numerous options through art, music, words, Sacramentals, and sacred spaces. Thank you for a wonderful book.

  • By Amazon Customer

    Support during loss

    I read this book shortly after my Mother died which was acutely painful for me. This book gave me a source of comfort in allowing myself the option of giving my grief over to something higher then myself to heal. It was also historically interesting to read about the various devotions throughout different cultures and times. A very supportive read during grief.